jane & gretchen’s 2011 archives

One of our readers was so inspired by the post “the time i accidentally went on a date…” that he created this meme for us! thanks Dan!

Hey, thanks for visiting the bloggy blog. We started, rather organically, in January 2011.

I was telling the title story “the namesake” to my girlfriends while getting ready for our New Year’s party (where I had the opportunity to drool over Ryan Reynolds and teach Sandra Bullock the Cupid Shuffle – not kidding) and with their encouragement and pity, this blog was born.

Here is a list of all our posts organized by month. Enjoy!


January 2011
1. the namesake
2. a walk down memory lane…
3. no get out of jail free pass here!
4. room for improvement, but not a total fail? 

5. breaking up is hard to do…especially when you haven’t made it to the first date!
6. where is the love?
7. what’s in a name?

9. and then there’s this guy…
10. i have no words.
11. as if BeerWingsWomen wasn’t enough… this happened.
12. the time i accidentally went on a date…
13. the anatomy of a well-written message 

14. a lesson in letting go…
15. four hours can leave you a little raw…
16. the anatomy of a piece of shit message
17. old balls
18. lesson learned
19. r-e-s-p-e-c-t

20. Texas Instruments…not just for 6th grade math!
21. Ironman
22. booty call
23. is it a bird? a plane? no it’s…
24. i got your crazy right here…
25. i get more action from my friends! ugh.
26. recession dating
27. why selfish men can’t be helped

28. 10-ish questions with maria murnane
29. little shits
30. 50 inches of ‘you wish you were my boyfriend’
31. …and then there were 3!
32. how about we…
33. flowchart to my heart

34. this is what happens when i get to thinkin’…
35. brass tacks
36. praying for rock bottom
37. no love lost
38. i heard it in a love song… it can’t be wrong

40. i just wanna dance
41. show and tell
42. how do you know?
43. forcing it
44. how to sleep in the middle of the bed
45. gretchen’s new blog

46. two types of professional crushes
47. be unapologetic
48. special
49. a player to be named later…
50. morning wood tom: guest blogger
51. it’s long… [that’s what he said]
52. rehab

53. i’ve met the love of my life- the gay version
54. 15 days later
55. sweet freedom
56. last girl standing
57. to un-friend or not to un-friend?
58. i have a tweetie!

59. i’m repeating myself
60. banking on… something
61. 2012. whatcha got?
62. my mother, the buzz kill
63. i am not a patient person
64. helloooo nice guy! :::waves:::

65. jesus loves me
66. he was married. ‘scume?
67. a good man for my best friend
68. first wierdo-fight, awky sitch


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