panhandling 101

1 Jul

If you missed it I am baaaaack! And if you have never read our blog before and wonder why the name you can catch up through our archives or here.

Ok back to the post. SO! Through all this scrolling and questioning, I happened upon Ansel. His namesake from the amazing photographic work of Ansel Adams, as this guy also had amazing photographic talents. Super cute, mysterious look in his eyes, seemingly put together, job, kind, passion for his art. And his approach was very cute: Telling me that having margaritas with him would be more fun than working out, which I normally do at that day and time. I mean everything is more fun than working out. But alas, this ass brings all the boys to the yard and likes food, so working out is a must. #firstworldproblems

I give Ansel my number and he is super responsive and friendly. But then he cancels. Work stuff. Okay I say. He asks to reschedule. I happen to have free tickets to a concert that Friday. Perfect. We get closer to the concert, we text back and forth. He cancels again. Notice a pattern yet?  Well I did. AND I STILL KEPT TALKING TO HIM.

Long story, longer, we finally go out. After my pursuing. BUT had an amazing time. It had all the makings of a good date. Simple, fun. Gretchen likes. He even confirms my feelings after the date at some point calling it “lovely.”

I am recapping these interactions with one of my besties and I’m saying to her, “But he’s so nice. He responds back when I text. He tells me he’s sorry.” *I can feel her eye roll through the phone at this point*

She then says, “Is he nice? Really Gretch?”

To which I say, “He’s not ghosting me”.

*Deep sigh from my bestie*…”No, but he’s icing you.”

WTF is Icing? She then tells me “Meaning he is slowly freezing you out”.

And then says…wait for it…


Mind. Blown.

This reminded me of a conversation with another one of my gal pals where she compared trying to engage with an a guy who was apathetic to PANHANDLING. Like a homeless person. I guess I need to dust off and brush up on “The Rules”.


Putting my cardboard sign away,

xoxo Gretch



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