an early morning lesson in on and offline dating

27 Jan

I am by no means an expert in online dating. I am by no means an expert in dating. If I were doing any of it correctly, I would probably not be single at age 28. That being said, from time-to-time, I can spot a bad move, and I can offer a bit of advice. Make no mistake, if someone in the online or offline dating worlds want to offer advice on how I can be a better dater or partner, I want to hear it! All of that being said, here is a tidbit of insight for the day:

If you see that I am an attorney, great! That means you read my profile. If you think that I am attractive, thanks! It is always lovely to know that people don’t find you to be totally hideous.  However, sending a message that starts out, “You are sexy,” and then immediately asking for legal advice is a bad plan. Bad.

Oh.  Also, don’t ever call a woman, “m’lady” or “fair maiden.” Weird.

Finally, if you tell a lady you are going to her house, you have two options: (1) Go to her house. (2) TEXT HER AND TELL HER YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HER HOUSE.

Now go forth and have a great Sunday!



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