i’ve met the love of my life — the gay version.

5 Oct

It’s the moment every girl has waited for, dreamed of. I met him. Finally.

He dresses well. He smells good. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. He holds me close. He holds my hand. He tells me I’m pretty. He looks deep into my eyes and brushes my hair from my face.

We have everything in common. We both dance. We both work in philanthropy/non-profit. We both love the arts. We both play the cello. We also have the same taste in men, because I used to have a crush on his boyfriend.

Believe it, sister. Be jealous. I found my gay-boyfriend.

It’s like Zachary and I were made for each other. I met him at my best friend’s wedding and we spent the entire night together — well with his boyfriend too. Zachary, Chris and I roamed Austin all night long. Dancing, drinking, talking about life and then finally ending the night at a 24 hour diner, Kerbey Lane, before a romantic sunrise-y walk through The University of Texas campus. Zach and Chris drove me to my hotel, where I packed my bags and hopped on an early morning flight back to Indianapolis.

I was floating.

When I least expected it, he found me and he’s everything I hoped he would be. I’m so happy.



One Response to “i’ve met the love of my life — the gay version.”

  1. kdaddy23 October 5, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    You sound like you’re in love – great! Let us know how this new love works for you?

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