gretchen’s new blog

27 Aug

Before life gets too busy, as lives tend to get.  I wanted to take the time to write, to let you all know the next phase of my life.

I love writing on here and Jane was kind enough to share this with me. I didn’t realize how much I’d love it. Or how therapeutic it would be for me to write. I didn’t realize how close it would bring Jane and I. (I love you, Jane!) <tear> Or that people would actually want to read about our dating fumbles and successes.

Bottom line is that I think I’ve found a new passion. But the other bottom line is that what you guys come to read about on here is dating. For the time being (and hopefully long-term) I am continuing my amazing relationship with Iceman, which doesn’t leave me any good stories about dating.

Soooo…that being said I wanted to let all of our wonderful readers know that I am started a new blog.  Where here I will be writing about lots of random happenings in my life, along with all of the newness/craziness that goes along with being in a new relationship.  This is my shameless plug for my first post called, “An Open, Honest Beginning”.  Please be gentle, I don’t have the insanely smart Jane setting up the site, so I am learning.

That being said, Iceman is also blogging.  So you can find his side of things here.

I won’t be gone for good.  I’ll pop back on here to write from time-to-time, if Jane will still have me.  In the mean time, Jane needs a new partner-in-crime…who’s up for the challenge?

Catch you on the flip side,



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