how about we…

22 Jun

Earlier this year I started hearing about this REVOLUTIONARY new dating site called “How About We….

Meh. I had my Plenty of Fish/Douchebags and OkCupid, what did I need another dating site for?  I was getting messages, getting dates, and getting, if not the date of my dreams, at least a good story to tell — as you are well aware.

My friend Cara, who works for GroupOn and has the inside scoop on hip new deals as well as a bevy of smart hipster boys to go weak in the knees over, was explaining the How About We… concept. Stubborn, I didn’t allow myself to buy into it, but at long last, I have drank the kool-aid.

I signed up with How About We… a few days ago, after I spent weeks trying to convince my friend Lora to sign on to Plenty of Fish or OkCupid. Apparently, dating-horror stories don’t do a great job of convincing people to sign on. My B.

Lora (who is OUTRAGEOUSLY picky and also outrageously gorgeous and smart) signed up with How About We… and when she got a date, an actual high-potential date, I had to see what made this site so different. And I have to say — it’s kinda cool.

Unlike the other dating sites, you don’t waste your time talking about yourself. You don’t spend countless hours listing things you like and don’t like, your most embarrassing moment and other stupid stuff like that. With How About We… you offer a date suggestion.

On your profile you’re offered the prompt, “How about we…” and you finish the sentence.

How about we…    head over to the animal shelter and take some puppies for a walk. 

How about we…    go rock climbing.

How about we…    stroll through the local Farmer’s Market

You get the idea. Kinda cute, huh. You get the opportunity to show off your creative-date-coming-up-with skills and the person checking you out knows immediately what kinds of things you like to do (more than the vague “I like music”) and that you can complete sentences.

Additionally, How About We… has some great blog content. So far, my favorites are “Sex Etiquette: Making the Bed and other Post-Coital Hookup Gestures” and “Sex Etiquette: Do You Agree or Disagree with These “Rules”?” Apparently, I’m really into sex etiquette…

Anyway, I think you should sign up with How About We… and maybe you’ll get lucky like Lora… and me… that’s right. Almost immediately, I was messaged and booked a date.  More to come soon!

How about YOU sign up on How About WE…!


4 Responses to “how about we…”

  1. Boris June 26, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

    Taking dating advice from a woman is always a horrible idea.

  2. Little Miss Me June 24, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    You’ve sold it to me! Not that it takes much!

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