…and then there were 3!

17 Jun

How in Sam’s hell did I end up with 3 men in my life? BTW…who is Sam and how did he get in that saying? Sorry side tracked…I don’t need to be thinking about ANOTHER man in my life…

Enter the third. I will call him Iceman.

I met him at Central Market. He bought me a coffee while he talked nervously non-stop. He is adorable and everything about him is endearing. I didn’t expect us to click. Nor was I looking for him. All the makings of what every couple deems their story. Could it be ours too?

Even before our first date the communication between the two of us was non-stop. He really wanted to know EVERYTHING about me. He asked me questions that no one ever has. I definitely was not use to the attention.

Iceman goes out of town a lot for his work and after our Central Market encounter he left for Chicago. I had taken my very important exam (and passed! YAY for me!) and he called to tell me how proud he was of me. How cute is that? We also had some sort of exchange about him flying me to Chicago.

Let’s pause for a moment. When a man tells you he will fly you somewhere, I don’t know about you but that does something for me. It says, “I am a man and I am going to take care of you.” (Pretty sure there is a little chest pounding after, which I am okay with). Even though I would never have taken him up on that offer and even if he wasn’t serious, the fact that he even suggested it was hot. DEFINITE panty dropper! (see my last posting for the anti-panty droppers).

Okay, back to our first date! This first date could have been an entire post in and of itself. I would have called it “What a date should look like with a real man”. In fact, I could write an entire post on the things that Iceman has done since I met him, which makes him a real man. In fact I might. Let’s also note that that even before the date he tells me, “Don’t even think about offering to pay.” Yeah, I know. Hot. And the night before our date we stay up talking on the phone until after 3AM…like we were in high school.

Are you grossed out by our cuteness yet? If not, keep reading…

He comes to pick me up. Yes. Like what men should do. I meet him downstairs and he has flowers for me. Yes. Flowers. Long stem daisies to be exact. Wrapped in brown paper with a brown paper bow. I die. TOO cute. But the strand of words that follows the flowers are what did it for me. He stammered nervously. Something about it being awhile since he went on a date and not being sure if he should have brought me flowers, but he had asked people at work if he should bring me flowers…and they said he should bring me flowers, but not roses. But he wouldn’t have brought me roses.

I basically love him at this point.

I let him come in to see my place and he’s immediately interested in everything in my house. He’s like a 10-year-old. He is touching things (in my house, not me…dirty minds!) and asking lots of questions. Jane and I recently had a conversation about not knowing we needed to specify that a man not only should be INTERESTING but also INTERESTED in us. Iceman is definitely both.

He takes me to dinner. At a place that he has researched to make sure I have enough choices for my vegetarian lifestyle. Thoughtful. And dinner is great. Conversation wonderful. Of course he pays. He walks me to his car and of course. Opens the door for me. At this point Gretchen gets a little too happy and I kiss him. Yeah, I know. Not like me, but I couldn’t help it. He felt too perfect. All of it was just right…and we hadn’t even made it to the fro yo yet.

And since then? We’ve basically be inseparable for the last 5 weeks. We have so much in common. Eerie things in common. I’m beginning to think we were made for each other.

As for the other two…TI and I never spoke again after the lack of action. Reminded me too much of the dreaded Ex…and Ironman, well he tried to have a second date with me for about a month, but even with all the Latin-ness I felt Meh about him…and I hate feeling Meh.

And after a first date like that with Iceman, I knew the other two were not even close second competition.

So two strikes, but the third…the third I may have hit a home run? Bases are loaded, bottom of the ninth…let’s see if I win the series? (I must have baseball on my mind?)

To be continued…

P.S. Sorry for the long post…it’s been awhile and we had lots to catch up on! xoxo


8 Responses to “…and then there were 3!”

  1. Cassius June 20, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    Talking on the phone til 3AM ? I can hardly make it past 20 minutes the phone–it’s a struggle past 4-5 minutes actually. Maybe this is why I remain single (and content w/ such).

    Congrats! Sounds like a great guy/catch–he’s putting in a ton of work/investment, it better be paying dividends :))

    I wish you best of luck w/ your endeavor Gretchen.

    Once again, congrats on passing your exam– knew you would/could 😉

  2. Becca June 17, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    I love this post. Its so great to read about someone being happy. Good luck, he sounds wonderful!!


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