i have no words.

21 Mar

this is my life.

oh goody,
– Jane

Wait… wait… I can’t sign off without saying something. BeerWingsWomen? WHO ARE YOU?! Is this suppsed to be a carrot on the end of a stick situation? Am I supposed to be enticed by your  handle?

GoFuckYourself. How’s that for a handle?

Takeaways (specific to dating me):
1. I want someone who will drink a beer with me. I don’t want an alcoholic.
2. I’m a vegetarian. So the “Wings” thing – crickets. Oh, you think listing wings makes you manly – – GRRR… Me Man. You Womans. Eat Meat. Grrr. :::yawn:::
3. Women. Oh good, you like women. Like women generally. Not one. Desperate.  Kinda makes you look like you’re not trustworthy. A cheater. And even if you’re not desperate or a cheater, it’s tired. So, so, tired.

I recognize this strongly savors of bitterness, but some days… I just cannot handle.  I’ll be less bitter next time. Toodles. – J


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